Tustin Chronic Condition Center

Tustin Chronic Condition Center

Specialize in working with patients who are suffering from chronic health conditions including dementia. They combine the knowledge of both functional neurology and nutrition to work with those that have been failed by the traditional medical model and alternative model.

Using specific neurological rehabilitation and metabolic work-ups, patients are given top-notch diagnostic evaluations and management plans.

Emphasis of care will be placed on the four main areas: neurology, endocrinology, immunology, and neurotransmitters.

For Mom’s case, I find it  particularily interesting that his site says”

Did you know that your gut makes up about 60% of your immune system? If you are having any gastro-intestinal complications, your body cannot heal! In order for you to have a health functioning immune system, your gut lining must not be compromised”.

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