Gum Disease Bacteria Found in the Brains of Dementia Patients

Another nugget that supports my assertion that my mom’s dementia is resultant from bacteria on her brain (in her case, from MAC virus bacteria).

“Some researchers have found a connection between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s disease, which affects millions of people across the globe. Scientists discovered the presence of gum disease bacteria in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Further studies concluded that people who do not care much about their dental health are more prone to this type of mental condition”.  Source:

Obviously, bacteria from other parts of the body can and DOES travel to the brain, where it causes significant disruption.

Now my question is, how do we test to find bacteria on the brain — and how do we REMOVE it? 

If I could find these answers, I could tell mom’s doctors exactly what needs to be done for her (since they have no clue and have essentially abandoned her).



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