Dementia is Reversible in Up to 32% of Cases Due to Pseudodementia

Photo of lady on article about reversible pseudodementiaIt is estimated that up to 32% of all cases of dementia are actually Pseudodementia, for which there is a cure. Dementia of this form (Pseudodementia) is 100% treatable and reversible – if properly diagnosed.

And therein lies the problem. Correctly diagnosing pseudodemntia can be a challenge for doctors since it “mimicsso many other forms of dementia. That is why pseudodementia is known in the medical field as a dementia mimic.

As such, sadly, many elderly people who have this treatable form of dementia never get that treatment, and instead spend the remainder of their lives deteriorating in nursing homes because their depression goes undiagnosed, and their pseudodementia is misdiagnosed as one of the other types of dementia which are not thought to be treatable.

Could your loved one really be suffering from Pseudodementia? Read more details about this illusive but curable form of dementia in our article on Pseudodementia.


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