Bottom Line on Vascular Disease

Whether one has vascular dementia, small vessel disease, or other diseases or conditions affecting the arteries, blood vessels, and vascular system, the bottom line is, to control and prevent these conditions, one must strive to:

Improve cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure and decrease the heart’s workload
Prevent blood clots
Control inflammation
Relax blood vessels, improve blood flow to the heart muscle, and treat chest pain (nitroglycerin is the prescription med used for this)
Restore elasticity and strength to blood vessels
Clear plaque from arteries (unclog arteries)
Improve circulation
Improve blood flow and oxygen to brain

In my mom’s case it is tricky, because she may also have some form of bleeding disorder. So giving her treatments to prevent clots and thin blood could have adverse effects.

That’s exactly the reason the doctor said he wouldn’t give her the one treatment that could potential slow the progression of her dementia – blood thinners. He said if she even took a minor fall it could cause uncontrollable bleeding.  So what to do?

The other thing that confuses me is that on the one hand, I’ve read that treatments like vitamin K2 or natto which improve clotting are good, but on the other hand that treatments that thin the blood (CoQ10, fish oil, vitamin E, hawthorn, serrepetase) are important. So what to make of it. More research on my part is required to get a batter grasp of this.



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