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Tustin Chronic Condition Center

Tustin Chronic Condition Center Specialize in working with patients who are suffering from chronic health conditions including dementia. They combine the knowledge of both functional neurology and nutrition to work with those that have been failed by the traditional medical model and alternative model. Using specific neurological rehabilitation and metabolic work-ups, patients are given top-notch […]

Mid-Life Stress a Dementia Risk Factor

When stressed, our blood pressure rises as our heart beats faster and levels of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream also increase. Experts believe once cortisol enters the brain it starts to kill off cells there, leading to Alzheimer’s. Finnish researchers have found  that patients with high blood pressure and high cortisol levels were more […]

Sleep Apnea Disguised as Dementia

Is it really dementia… or could it be sleep apnea? For some, a dementia cure may be as simple as diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. If your loved one snores or gasps in his or her sleep, or has already been diagnosed with this condition, sleep apnea may actually be causing reversible dementia in your […]

Preventing Dementia

“Senior Moments” are NOT a Normal Part of Aging Source:  Dr Mercola In spite of how common memory loss is among Westerners, it is NOT a “normal” part of aging. Research has shown that even mild “senior moments” are caused by the same brain lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These […]

Astaxanthin for Dementia Prevention

Astaxanthin is a Rising Star in Alzheimer’s Prevention Source: Dr Mercola Astaxanthin is a natural pigment with unique properties and many clinical benefits, including some of the most potent antioxidant activity currently known. It is the same pigment that makes flamingos pink. These birds are born with grey feathers—and after consuming their natural diet of […]