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Prevent Dementia With Anti-Infammatory Diet

According to some doctors, a preventative measure against dementia is to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, specifically aimed at reducing pressure and optimizing vascular health. The top ten foods for such a diet include wild salmon, lentils, hazelnuts, walnuts, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, blueberries, raspberries, spinach and sweet potato.

Definition of Dementia

What is dementia? It is an umbrella term that describes about 100 diseases in which brain cells die on a huge scale All damage memory, language, mental agility, understanding and judgement Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form, affecting 62% of those living with dementia It gets worse with time and eventually people are left […]

One Fifth of Dementia Has a Cure – Nutritional Deficinecies

Source: What Doctors Don’t Tell You © (Volume 5, Issue 12) WDDTY panelist Dr Melvyn Werbach believes that up to a fifth of all dementia in the elderly is reversible, and one large cause is malnutrition or malabsorption, or an inadequate amount of a number of nutrients. He and other nutritional specialists suggest that anyone […]

Off Label Enbrel Injection May Vastly Improve Dementia

Have to check into this further. Apparently its a psorious drug (which Ironically, mom used to have), and also used to treat arthritis. As an anti-infalmmatory, it reduces inflammation of the brain and can result in dramatic improvement in mere hours. Found out about it on a blog with a similar name:  

The Microbe-Dementia Connection — and my Mom

PubMed published a study in August 2014 on the link  between Helicobacter pylori infection and dementia – specifically non-Alzhiemers dementia.The conclusion of the study was “that HP-I may be a critical risk factor for the development of non-AD. Further investigation, including clinical trials, to examine the microbe-dementia connection may provide further proof of the association […]

The Emerging Role Of Infection as Cause of Alzhiemers

A number of chronic diseases are in fact caused by one or more infectious agents. For example, stomach ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori, chronic lung disease in newborns and chronic asthma in adults are both caused by Mycoplasmas and Chlamydia pneumonia, while some other pathogens have been associated with atherosclerosis. The realization that pathogens […]

Diet, the Gut, the Brain – and Dementia

Published by the Tustin Chronic Condition Center There is a distinct link between our digestive system and our brain function, and if people continue to ignore the problem, it can lead to neurological degeneration—in common terms: dementia. How exactly does that work? How can what you eat affect your brain? We’ve illustrated it here in […]

The Encyclopedia of Brain Disorders – And Some Odd Observations about My Mom

The Encyclopedia of the Brain and Brain Disorders p65 – 68 discusses types of dementia, including reversible/ curable dementia. Interesting to note is that page 65 indicates that dementia typically begins with memory loss, with patients asking the same question over and over again. This was not the case with my mom. Just another characteristic […]

The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health

The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health The research I’m assembling on here  firmly establishes the fact that there is a gut-brain connection, and many brain disorders, including some dementias, result from intestinal infections, bacteria or yeast that enter the blood stream and travel to the brain – which is precisely what […]